Fort Collins Begins Relife Project on J-2 Contracting’s 844K Loader

Fort Collins Begins Relife Project on J-2 Contracting’s 844K Loader

Fort Collins launched a Relife project on March 1, with a John Deere 844K Loader owned by J-2 Contracting. With an anticipated completion date of May 3, this project is led by service technician Tyler Bretz, and will be overseen by Gary Medill.

“We will remove all the panels, cab, fenders, and hood for access to the main components. Then we will remove the cooling pack, engine, hydraulic tank, pump, and transmission. All that is left is to remove the axles and wiring harness and hoses,” Fort Collins service manager George Tyler said.

Following disassembly, the next phase involves dry ice blasting to remove grease and dirt from the frame, followed by painting. The machine then undergoes reassembly, including the rebuilding of articulation pins and bushings.

Central to the relife process is the installation of remanufactured engine, hydraulic pump, and transmission, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, the front and rear axles undergo rebuilding onsite, complemented by the integration of new hydraulic hoses and wiring harnesses. The machine receives a fresh coat of paint and new labels, enhancing both functionality and appearance.

With an estimated duration of 200 working hours, the relife project is slated to conclude within 9 to 10 weeks. The revitalized loader is projected to extend its operational lifespan by another 12,000 hours, offering unparalleled durability and reliability.

Upon completion, the loader will be as if was rolled off the factory floor, boasting enhanced specifications and capabilities, ready to tackle heavy-duty operations with ease.

Opting for the relife was a strategic decision for J-2 Contracting, offering a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new loader. With a fraction of the cost, they anticipate enjoying a fully rebuilt machine capable of enduring another 12,000 operational hours.