Celebrating Commitment: Justin Crowder Earns 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin

Celebrating Commitment: Justin Crowder Earns 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin

4Rivers Equipment, a leading provider of John Deere construction equipment, recently honored Justin Crowder of Hobbs, New Mexico, with a challenge coin—a special recognition reserved for those who go above and beyond to exemplify the company’s core values.

Crowder was nominated for the challenge coin by Brad Reid, Director of Customer Support, for his commitment to engaging his team, recruiting talent through the CTE school program, implementing succession planning, and providing mentorship.   

Reid emphasized Crowder’s steadfastness in guiding others, highlighting his leadership qualities. “In a world where commitment often wavers, Justin has stood steadfast,” Reid said. “His commitment to engaging his people has fostered a sense of belonging and created a culture of collaboration and growth.”

Crowder’s approach to succession planning and his dedication to mentorship have left a lasting impact on all those fortunate enough to work with him. Reid commended Crowder’s leadership style, stating, “Justin embodies true leadership in every sense of the word. He leads by example, empowers others, and fosters an environment where everyone can flourish.”

Before joining the 4Rivers Equipment team, Crowder spent a decade in the class 8 semi-truck industry, excelling in parts sales. Additionally, he dedicated 14 years to serving as a volunteer and paid, part-time fireman. His passion for leadership led him to apply for the position of Parts Manager at the Hobbs location, where he now serves as a Product Support Manager.

When asked about being recognized for his actions, Crowder credited his team’s hard work and collaboration. “I truly believe great teams make the leadership look great, so the award is also representative of the work our team is putting in and their acceptance of my guidance. The team helps cover all the daily tasks when our company has another manager or store needing help,” Crowder said.

Crowder’s motivation to go above and beyond stems from his commitment to seeing people and the business grow. He sets ambitious goals and strives to achieve them, driven by the vision he holds for his team and the company. He also attributes his work ethic to the values instilled in him by his parents and grandparents—to give 110% in everything he does.

Reflecting on his favorite aspects of 4Rivers Equpiment and his co-workers, Crowder praised the company’s welcoming culture. He emphasized the opportunities for growth and development provided by 4Rivers, as well as the support and mentorship from leadership.

“We have some of the best people in the industry across our company. I know I can walk into any of our stores, be welcomed and invited, and immediately be a part of the 4Rivers team. My favorite thing must be the opportunities we have here at 4Rivers. We have a lot of great benefits, and the company is willing to invest time and money into people that want to grow. Numerous members of our senior leadership team have invested precious time into me, and I cannot thank them and 4Rivers enough.”

Crowder’s recognition with the 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin speaks to his commitment, leadership, and dedication to creating a culture of growth and collaboration within the organization.