4Rivers Equipment Expands Product Line with Cemen Tech’s Concrete Production Solutions

4Rivers Equipment Expands Product Line with Cemen Tech’s Concrete Production Solutions

4Rivers Equipment, a leading provider of construction and forestry equipment, is excited to announce the expansion of its product line to include the concrete production solutions from Cemen Tech. This addition will provide customers with state-of-the-art volumetric concrete mixers known for their precision, efficiency, and reliability.

Cemen Tech is renowned for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality. Their volumetric concrete mixers are designed to produce fresh concrete on-site, eliminating waste, reducing costs, and ensuring a consistent, high-quality mix for every project. With over 55 years of experience, Cemen Tech’s products are trusted by professionals in construction, infrastructure, municipalities, and various other industries.

“We are thrilled to partner with Cemen Tech and incorporate their industry-leading concrete production solutions into our product line,” said John Shearer, CEO of 4Rivers Equipment. “This addition aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our customers with the best equipment available, enabling them to achieve greater efficiency and success in their projects.”

The integration of Cemen Tech’s products will allow 4Rivers Equipment to offer:

On-Site Concrete Production: Customers can produce fresh concrete on-demand, tailored to specific project requirements, ensuring optimal quality and reducing material waste.

Operational Efficiency: The advanced technology of Cemen Tech mixers simplifies the concrete mixing process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Cost-Effective Solutions: By producing the exact amount of concrete needed, customers can significantly reduce overall project costs and improve their bottom line.

Customers can expect the new line of Cemen Tech products to be available at all 4Rivers Equipment locations starting July 1st, 2024. For more information about the addition of Cemen Tech products to 4Rivers Equipment’s offerings, please visit 4riversequipment.com

About Cemen Tech

Creating a better world through cutting-edge technology and customizable products. As a 100 percent employee-owned global brand, we lead the industry in delivering high-quality, on-demand concrete solutions.

For five decades, we have been fulfilling our commitment to help construct a better world by providing reliable and innovative concrete production solutions. Operating in over 70 countries, our equipment supports customers, governments, and military agencies in meeting the evolving demands of a changing world.