Frederick Begins Relife Project on 9520 Scraper Tractor for Fiore & Sons, Inc.

Frederick Begins Relife Project on 9520 Scraper Tractor for Fiore & Sons, Inc.

Beginning on May 1, 4Rivers Equipment’s Frederick location began a Relife project on a 9520 Scraper Tractor for Fiore & Sons, Inc. The project is estimated to be concluded on June 14 and will result in a full transformation of the machine, making it as good as new.

Led by technicians Zachary Mees and Tomas Montoya and overseen by Shop Foreman Kenny Kroschel, the project aims to revitalize the 9520 Scraper Tractor to its former glory. Upon arrival at the workshop, the tractor will undergo disassembly, stripping down to its bare frame. This phase facilitates a thorough inspection and deep cleaning of the frame, followed by essential touch-ups.

Next, they will replace all core components and mandatory replacements, as prescribed by Deere, include remanufactured engine, transmission, front and rear axles, and hydraulic pumps.

Additionally, Fiore & Sons, Inc. has opted for the renewal of wiring harnesses, hydraulic and rubber hoses, fuel tanks, interior panels, and a transition to LED lights for enhanced illumination. They will also install a weight bracket integrated over the rear axle. This will relieve the weight that normally sits on the rims, increasing the longevity of the machine.

The decision to pursue a Relife stems from the transmission failure encountered by the 9520 Scraper Tractor. Presented with the prospect of a Relife, Fiore & Sons, Inc. chose this route over acquiring a new tractor, thereby optimizing cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the Relife initiative serves to mitigate potential issues observed in their final tier 4 fleet, ensuring sustained operational excellence.

As the Relife journey unfolds, Fiore & Sons, Inc. anticipates the resurgence of their 9520 Scraper Tractor, ready to resume its role in their operations.


“The cost of a rebuild is a fraction of a full replacement and can lengthen the life of John Deere articulated dump trucks, dozers, excavators, wheel loaders and scraper tractors,” the John Deere website states.

John Deere breaks the Machine Rebuild Program down into six simple steps:

Step 1: Replace required major powertrain components like the transmission engine and axels
Step 2: Review the results of the machine with dealer
Step 3: Specify any additional parts to replace
Step 4: Select ReLife warranty terms
Step 5: Work is performed on your machine by certified John Deere technicians
Step 6: Let your ReLife Machine help manage owning and operating costs

To learn more about the John Deere Rebuild Program click HERE