4Rivers Equipment Strengthens Local Commitment with Honnen Equipment Acquisition

Cody Naumann Receives Challenge Coin for Exemplary Innovation and Problem-Solving

Cody Naumann Receives Challenge Coin for Exemplary Innovation and Problem-Solving

Cody Naumann, a member of the 4Rivers Equipment team in Pueblo West, was awarded a Challenge Coin for his exceptional innovation and problem-solving skills on Friday, February 9. Cody was recognized for taking the initiative when his team needed it the most.

“I built a spreadsheet that would pull data from the background to generate parts invoices/tickets while our systems were down during the acquisition of the Honnen locations,” Cody explained. “With the technology available to us, we needed an accurate way to conduct business during the outage to provide quality service to our customers, technicians, and salesmen.”

Cody’s efforts did not go unnoticed, as he was nominated for the award by Brad Reid, the Director of Customer Support. Brad spoke highly of Cody’s dedication and resourcefulness.

“Cody is hardworking, intelligent, and thoughtful,” Brad remarked. “He has built trust with his team and leadership. He has shown to be adaptable and has problem-solving skills. All while staying calm, cool, and collected. This was something he did not know how to do, so he spent time researching and learning how to create the spreadsheet on his own. He really stepped out of his comfort zone.”

Originally hailing from Pueblo, Colorado, Cody’s journey with 4Rivers Equipment began over three years ago. With a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Industry Management, Cody’s career path led him to Kansas, where he served as a service manager at an agricultural dealership. However, the desire to be closer to family ultimately brought him back to his hometown, where he found a welcoming opportunity at 4Rivers Equipment.

For Cody, going above and beyond is about more than just doing his job; it’s about making a positive impact on others.

“Just doing the right thing more than anything, but I enjoy seeing my actions affect others on their day-to-day jobs/lives,” Cody shared. “No reason to be stagnant and coast by every day when a difference can be made that impacts somebody’s business or life.”

Cody is quick to acknowledge the supportive and collaborative environment fostered by 4Rivers Equipment and his fellow coworkers.

“The family environment within the store and within 4Rivers Equipment is unbeatable,” Cody affirmed. “We all try and work together to take care of our different customers’ needs and meet the needs of our team members.”

The 4Rivers Equipment Challenge Coin Ceremony honors those who go above and beyond to uphold their commitment to team members and partners. It is a reminder of who we are and of our core values of integrity, respect, innovation, and commitment.