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Complete John Deere Guide to Easy Self-Repair

Complete John Deere Guide to Easy Self-Repair

From Do-It-Yourself tractor repairs to connected dealer support, John Deere is committed to keeping your machines up and running when you need them the most. John Deere works continually to make fixing your own equipment in your own shop, and on your own time accessible.  

Maintenance, diagnostic, and repair tools are made available to customers through the following means: 

Manuals (Operator, Parts, Service)

All technical and operator manuals can be purchased by customers through the customers online through the Technical Information Store.

  • Manuals and Training
  • John Deere Parts & Service

Product & Quick Reference Guides

Product Service Demonstrations, Training, Seminars or Clinics

Fleet Management Information

Other publications with information on service, parts, operation, and safety

On-Board Diagnostics via diagnostic port or wireless interface

Machine issues are identified by a specific Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) that can be accessed through the machine display or dash. Some machines allow for the basic description of the DTC to be viewed.

  • Remote Display Access (view of operator’s display in cab)
  • Mobile Apps (access through the John Deere Apps Center app, available in both Android and IOS app stores)
  • Provide operating tips and basic troubleshooting information. Some apps also provide the ability to look up DTCs for more information.

Electronic Field Diagnostic Service Tools and training on how to use them

  • Customer Service ADVISOR access to operator and technical manuals, look up diagnostic codes, machine diagnostic connectivity with Electronic Data Link and perform machine calibrations.
  • For access visit or contact your 4Rivers Equipment dealer for purchase and support information.

Routine Maintenance Guides, Manuals, Safety and Training

Customers can get access to a digital database of Do-It-Yourself instructions – everything they might need to resolve an equipment issue independently.

Access to Thousands of Parts

Access to thousands of replacement and maintenance parts for all makes and machines are accessible at any budget. Genuine, remanufactured, and alternative parts are all available online.

PARTS OnSite even provides an inventory of parts where customers need them most – in their own shops.

This program is available through participating John Deere dealers who partner with customers to develop a parts inventory strategy that makes the most sense for a customer’s machines. There are several different storage options and financing is available through John Deere Financial.

Dealer Supported Remote Tools

Remote tools such as Expert Alerts, Service ADVISOR Remote, and Remote Display Access allow dealer technicians and farmers to identify and address issues before they impact operations.

Expert Alerts

Expert Alerts is a proactive monitoring system that notifies dealers (with a customer’s permission) of potential machine issues. This allows technicians to diagnose issues remotely before they become a problem.

Service ADVISOR Remote

With Service ADVISOR Remote, a customer’s dealer can remotely analyze Diagnostic Trouble Codes in near real time to isolate potential issues with a customer’s machine. Once received by a dealer, DTC’s are analyzed to identify the potential cause and initiate a solution, which can include:

  • Customer Contact
  • Remote Diagnostic/Service
  • Possible Service Visit

Customer Service ADVISOR

Customer Service ADVISOR is a digital database of operator, diagnostic and technical manuals for John Deere products. This subscription allows a customer to connect machines with an Electronic Data Link (EDL) to clear and refresh codes, take diagnostic readings, and perform limited calibrations. Customer Service ADVISOR is available for purchase through or through 4Rivers Equipment.