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The 4Rivers Hockey Team Moves to Semifinal Championships

The 4Rivers Hockey Team Moves to Semifinal Championships

The 4Rivers recreational hockey team, also known as Slapshot, is on its way the semifinals this weekend of the D-League championships!

Slapshot is the first hockey team sponsored by 4Rivers and represented the company last weekend when they sported their personalized 4Rivers jerseys. The team is made up of players involved in the agricultural communities in Greeley and the surrounding areas. 4Rivers has been having a blast cheering on these local farmers!

Tate Mesbergen, who plays center, says he and his teammates have always been hockey fans, but never played in a game until putting the team together nearly two years ago. He and his buddies taught themselves how to play from square one. Since then, competing in the league has evolved into one of their favorite activities.

“My favorite part of the league is just getting to know everybody and having a competitive atmosphere,” Tate said. “Some games get pretty chippy.  It is also good to see the boys every weekend and beat up on some people.”

Slapshot finished in third place this year in regular season play. After winning the first round of playoffs 2-1, they now move to the championship semifinals this Sunday at the Ice Haus in Greeley at 7 p.m.  


#63 Adam Adler | Defense

#88 Steven Adler| Defense

#92 Jeremey Adler | Defense

#8 Aidan Adler | Defense

#12 Chance Carpenter | Defense

#22 Austin Badding | Left Wing

#67 Kyle Moore | Left Wing

#40 Shane Watson | Left Wing

#10 Nate Hanson | Center

#29 Tate Mesbergen | Center

#44 Jared Schielke | Center

#36 Scott Hanson | Right Wing

#1 Cory Smolenske | Right Wing

#18 Derek Fenner | Right Wing

#96 Shane Briggs | Goalie

All photos by Shelby Chesnut | @cfagrifilm