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John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX Cab Comparison

John Deere 1025R vs. Kubota BX Cab Comparison



On a John Deere one-family, the cab is about comfort, security, and helping you get year-round performance.

Windows and Visibility:
Both the John Deere And Kubota cabs offer an opening front window, letting in the fresh air on a warm day, but the John Deere front window opens nearly 90 degrees to provide maximum airflow to the operator. Like the front window, the rear window extends to almost 90 degrees to maximize airflow.

Winter months are not a problem either, with clear visibility all around the tractor. Visibility is enhanced with a standard front wiper and washer system, and front work lights help ensure your workday is not cut short just because the sun went down.

The front windshield offers a maximum opening of 6 inches on the Kubota, making the airflow considerably less than the John Deere for additional airflow in warmer months. The Kubota’s rear window is sealed shut and cannot be opened, limiting cab airflow out the two small door windows.

The Kubota has limited visibility, with the entire enclosure and window connection spots limiting the view.

The 1025R John Deere tractor also comes with rear lights at a higher location on the tractor. A higher position means increased visibility when mowing or working near other vehicles. This tractor cab also includes exterior mirrors so you can focus on production and not worry about what may be happening behind or beside the track.

There is also heater control in the insulated headliner to help keep you warm on those winter days of work. The patted dome top helps minimize noise, but you can add some noise if you would like, with the option of adding a stereo kit.

When in the Kubota BX cab, you will also notice a few other things that are different from the John Deere 1025R cab, such as no windshield wipers, no side mirrors, no heater controls, no place you could even mount a stereo.

Engine noise travels through the cab and bounces around the cabin and off the hard ceiling and glass. Some standard features on the one-series John Deere tractor cab are optional for the Kubota enclosure and add additional costs: the heater, sealed floor panel, similar cab work lights, and windshield wipers are all options. The window washer system and radio are not available on a Kubota cab.

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