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Remote Diagnosis with 4Rivers Equipment

Remote Diagnosis with 4Rivers Equipment

Minimize Downtime This Harvest with Remote Diagnosis!

Service Calls don’t look the same anymore. While a farmer is still able to make a Normal Service Call, it’s much faster with Remote Diagnosis! But, what is Remote Diagnosis? Let’s break it down with the three different kinds of Service Calls:

1.) Normal Service Call:

We’ve been there. Your machine goes down, so you call your local 4Rivers Equipment, and we schedule a diagnosis trip to see how we can help. The 4Rivers Tech travels back to the store for the proper parts, and comes back, again, to perform the repair. After the repair, you’re back to work in the field.


2.) Remote Diagnosis Call:

The second type of Service Calls is a ‘Remote Diagnosis Call.’ Similarly to the Normal Service Call, it starts with your machine down. Here’s what’s different – You call your local 4Rivers Equipment and REQUEST Remote Diagnosis! 4Rivers will remotely diagnose your machine’s codes, and then our technician will make his sole trip to your field for the repair. You’re back to work at a fraction of the time as a Normal Service Call!


3.) Machine Monitoring Call:

There is a final option for service calls, and it’s called the “Machine Monitoring Call.” With the Machine Monitoring Call, there’s no downtime, and no work on your part to request service. Your machine does it for you! It will notify the 4R Team, and we’ll contact you to schedule the tech’s repair visit with proper parts when the machine is idle. All the while, your machine can continue working in the field.


In Summary: The difference is minimized downtime! We take those trips to the field, diagnose-time, and dealership visits out of the equation! Your machine is running sooner, and your operation finished more quickly!

Call your 4Rivers Salesman to equip your machine today!

Required: An active Machine Telematics Gateway (MTG) built on either 3G or 4G cellular technology
and an active JDLink subscription.