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Comparing the Comfort and Convenience of Compact Tractors

Comparing the Comfort and Convenience of Compact Tractors


You’ll find your comfort zone with a John Deere one-family subcontract tractor. The John Deere 1025R tractor provides many features that add to the comfort and convenience of the tractor.

Comfort from head to toe:
First, the ergonomic floor mat on a John Deere one-family tractor is thick molded rubber and provides a cushion effect and helps dampen noise and vibration. The John Deere deluxe suspension seat has a movable armrest and a high back, which gives you great back support. Perfect for days when you want to get a lot done, the adjustment lever is centered at the front of the seat, so you can easily adjust the seat forward and backward. Also, easily change the armrest up or down to provide just the right fit.

Tilt Steering:
The John Deere one family also features tilt steering, which lets you position the steering wheel to keep your arms in a natural position for less fatigue. Operating a one-family tractor is easy; thanks to our Twin-touch hydrostatic transmission forward and reverse foot controls, even at full throttle, there’s no need for clutching when changing directions with a John Deere one-family tractor.

Never miss a call:
The one-family tractor also features a 12-volt outlet, mighty handy for charging your cell phone or other electronic devices. It’s integrated into the right-hand console near the built-in storage box.

Safety from the ground up:
The one family offers a wheel-based dimension of 47 inches wide by 57 inches long. With the John Deere 1025R, you get excellent stability, a smoother ride, the step-through operator’s platform, deluxe spring suspension seat, twin touch foot controls, tilted steering wheel, ergonomic floor mat, foldable roll-guard rops, and a more significant overall wheelbase. When it comes to comfort and convenience, the details make all the difference between good and great. Another reason the John Deere one-family is second to none.

Let’s see what the Kubota BX tractor has to offer.

The access on the Kubota BX is limited due to the loader control levers being positioned to the right side of the operator station, making it challenging to climb on the tractor from that side.

Comfort from head to toe?
Nope, the floor mat on the Kubota BX is not quite the same quality as you find on the John Deere, thinner and much less padding for comfort and safety. The Kubota models offer a high back, with armrests but you’ll need an Allen wrench to adjust the armrests.

Adjustable steering wheel?
Nope, the Kubota BX does not provide an adjustable steering wheel, it’s fixed, so you can’t tilt it up when you want to get on or off the tractor. The Kabota has a heel-toe panel, which is less comfortable and less intuitive to use, especially when using the loader.

Are you going to miss a call?
No, the Kubota also has a 12-volt outlet, but it is located beneath the seat, making a long awkward stretch for the power cord, and without a dedicated storage area on the Kubota console, you’ll have to use the cup holder to hold your phone. Some safety features make this a poor place as well. The operator could trip on the phone cord when exiting the seat, or the phone could fall and crack the screen. The Kubota wheelbase dimension is 44.5 inches wide by 55.1 inches long.

Comparing the two tractors, the John Deere 1025R one-family tractor is the way to go for a long day.

To find more information about the John Deere 1025R one-family tractor or pre-order for Fall visit your local 4Rivers Equipment  or pre-order for the Fall here!