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<strong>Abby Wuehler earns Innovation Challenge Coin in first six months with 4Rivers</strong>

Abby Wuehler earns Innovation Challenge Coin in first six months with 4Rivers

Longmont, Colo. – It didn’t take much time for Abby Wuehler to settle into her role and make a huge impact at our Longmont location.

Wuehler, who joined the 4Rivers family in August as an administrative assistant, was awarded an Innovation Challenge Coin last week, making her just one of the five 4Rivers employees with the title. 

This award is presented on unique occasions when an employee exhibits a company core value – integrity, respect, commitment or innovation – in an exemplary way.

Wuehler was nominated by Marketing Manager Hannah Ross after going above and beyond to execute a successful community event.

“Abby took the ideas we have all been discussing at this location over the years and made them happen,” Ross said. “She took the initiative, did the research with experts, collaborated with team members, gathered the materials, used on-brand resources and delivered innovation. She created the showroom experience we have been asking for, and beyond that, invited the community of Longmont to Santa Day with 4Rivers.” 

Abby Wuehler of Longmont earns Innovation Challenge Coin.

To Wuehler, who grew up surrounded by cattle ranchers and farmers, working at 4Rivers is more than a job, but “feels like coming home.” This makes it easy for her to give her best effort every day.  

“I like going all in to represent my store and our team because I love what I do,” Wuehler said. “I love that it’s not just about selling tractors at Longmont, we try to be a part of the community.”

Someone who had a major role in making 4Rivers feel like home to Wuehler is Longmont Branch manager Neil Motley. Wuehler was quick to credit Motley for her helping her win the Challenge Coin. The gratitude is mutual though, as Motley says he is thankful for Wuehler every day and her ability to make ideas come to life.

“Neil has given me the right amounts of both freedom and hands on advice to let me run with my creativity and roll up my sleeves, jump in and get dirty (sometimes literally),” Wuehler said. “He lives out his vision for out store and brings us all in on the plans so we can get after things as a team.”

4Rivers Equipment thanks Wuehler for her passion and ability to implement innovation. Congratulations, Abby!